Fatherhood: Assignment of the Day

Courtship: A Practical Model

Part 1

In my last post, I responded to an article written by Thomas Umstattd Jr. that went viral condemning courtship as fundamentally flawed.  In my response, I hoped to point out the many logical fallacies that formed the basis of Mr. Umstattd’s conclusions and at a secondary level point out the negatives of the modern approach to dating.

As a follow up over the next several posts, I intend to demonstrate why courtship is a superior mechanism for the identification and choosing of a spouse, and lay out a practical model that virtually anyone can follow who desires to court rather than to date.

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Is Courtship “Fundamentally Flawed?” – A Response to Thomas Umstattd Jr.


My brilliant son recently brought to my attention a blog post by Thomas Umstattd Jr. entitled, “Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed.”

The title intrigued me since, as you will soon discover, I am a proponent of courtship as opposed to “dating.”  I was even more intrigued when I found out that Thomas was homeschooled, and that he was the founder of a website called, “PracticalCourtship.Com.”

As I read the post, an avalanche of thoughts were pouring through my mind and as I have reflected on the post over the past few weeks I felt compelled to compose a response.

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Can Christian Fathers Baptize Their Own Children?

IMG_1153One question that comes up from time to time among Christian fathers is whether they Biblically have the right to baptize their children.  This actually raises a much bigger issue that must be addressed first that will make the answer to the question obvious.

It is deeply ingrained into our modern psyche that there is a gap between vocational ministry and “lay” people.  We have been conditioned to believe that there are “professionals” who have been given some sort of 3rd party credentials that make them “qualified” to be paid to do ministry as a full time career.  And then there is everyone else.

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