Rules For Effective Leadership

Leadership Podcast Episode 109

Rules For Effective Leadership.001

Here is the book that I mention in the podcast:

This is another book that looks at the same subject from a different angle that I also recommend.

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Sarah Olson – Mom, Entrepreneur, Inventor

Leadership Podcast Episode #108

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Sarah Olson is an Entrepreneur and a Mom who found herself in extraordinary circumstances.

After her son had suffered through 15 surgeries in 4 years to deal with a rare medical condition, and after watching him endure pain that would break grown men, she decided to take massive action to find a solution to a problem the medical community had not been able to crack.

With no background or experience, she did it, and her invention is going to change countless lives. Here story will challenge you, educate you, and inspire you.

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The Magic of Thinking Small

Leadership Podcast Episode #107


We’re all taught to think big. In this podcast, I discuss why swinging the pendulum the other direction is a surer route to success.

Here are some of the books that I mention in this podcast:


Here’s great book to help you develop your disciplines:

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Creating Boundaries Part 2

Leadership Podcast Episode #106


Scott Ross continues teaching about boundaries, this time focusing on how to help your organization and your people establish them.

In this episode we highlighted this book:

Some other great books on this subject are:


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