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Complete Guide to Twitter Mastery (and Why You Should Care)

Twitter is, in my opinion, the most powerful marketing tool ever created.  If you are an entrepreneur, author, speaker, sales professional, or just someone who wants to build a personal career brand, Twitter is a must.

There is so much information available in the blogosphere about social media that it’s easy to be overwhelmed and hard to know where to start.

I have compiled the best and most trustworthy overviews to get you from non-user to Twitter master.

First, some of you are wondering why you would want to use Twitter.  Aaron Lee (@AskAaronLee) has a great post summarizing the reasons.

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Want More Business? Form a Networking Power Team!

A focused networking strategy should be central to any entrepreneur or sales professional’s overall approach to the market.  One of the most effective components to a networking strategy is developing a Power Team.

What’s a Power Team?  It’s a group of businesspeople in your network who have a symbiotic relationship because they sell to the same customers, but don’t take business from each other.  This group of people agree to form a team that will work to bring referrals exclusively to each other.

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Can You Make Money Throwing A Party?