Discipleship Essentials (IVP Connect, 2007)

I’ve been discipling Christians for nearly 25 years and during that time I’ve used a variety of resources. I teach the inductive study method and have used Precept Ministries resources extensively.

I’ve used many different books such as Spirit of the Disciplines, Celebration of Discipline, How to Study Your Bible, The Master Plan of Evangelism, The Topical Memory System, and Theology for the Community of God (among many others).

While all of these resources are wonderful, the most critical aspect of the discipleship process is equipping the disciple to, in turn, disciple someone else. If, as disciplers, we don’t achieve duplication, we have missed the point.

In my years of discipleship, I was always frustrated. The process I used greatly edified the students. However, the duplication aspect was lacking. What I did with my students was considered too intimidating for the average person to recreate. So the duplication did not happen.

When I discovered Greg Ogden‘s book Discipleship Essentials I was very excited because I knew I had finally found a single volume work that covered every essential aspect of the discipleship process while simultaneously providing a foolproof roadmap for the disciple of Christ to follow in making another disciple. In other words, I had finally found the key to discipleship duplication.

Ogden provides in a single work all of the core ingredients for a robust discipleship curriculum. His book includes:

  • A Scripture memory program
  • A crash course in the essential spiritual disciplines such as Bible study (he teaches the inductive study method!), Prayer, and Worship
  • A doctrinal deep dive on the Gospel and the theology of salvation
  • An examination of the sanctification process
  • A gameplan for living out the Christian life in the real world.

This book accomplishes precisely what it’s title promises; namely giving you the “essentials” of a rock-solid discipleship process.

For each topic, there is an outside reading that whets the appetite and then a book recommendation for a more in-depth examination. Even though this is a survey course, there is plenty of material here to go as deep as you or your discipleship group would like to go. There are discussion questions to facilitate group study, but this resource could also be enjoyed as an individual study.

If you are a Christian looking to go through a genuine discipleship process and don’t know where to start, this book is perfect for you.

If you’re a discipler and want a go-to resource that will produce duplication among your students, I haven’t found anything better.

Pick up Discipleship Essentials and start working on it today.

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