Iraqi Christians – The Latest Sad Chapter in the History of the Unarmed

George Santayana, in “The Life of Reason,” said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Unfortunately, the past century is replete with painful lessons of the connection between defenseless people and tyranny.

History is replete with lessons of the connection between defenseless people & tyranny.

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In Europe, as the Nazi’s rounded up the Jews, they faced virtually no resistance.  Most Americans are familiar with the concentration camps, and believe this is where the worst occurred.  In reality, the concentration camps were a final step in the evolution of the “final solution.”

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Don’t Make These 9 Year-End Mistakes (Part 2)

4.  Think only about 2012 with no time thinking about 2011.

“The pauses in my life have become the pluses of my life.  You have to pause long enough in your life to let growth catch up to you.” – Dr. John C. Maxwell

The only experience that is any value is experience that has been reflected upon.  We all have heard that the definition of insanity is to repeat a course of action and expect a different result.  Yet most of us take no time to reflect.  What can I learn from what just happened?  What would I do differently?  What would I do the same?

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Intentions Are Meaningless

In our life, there is only one thing that matters: what we DO.

Intentions are meaningless.

Actions count.

Would you like to REALLY know what your priorities are?  Track what you do on a typical day in 15 minute increments.  There’s your answer.

“I love my family.  They’re my highest priority.”  Really?  How many total minutes were invested in those relationships?

“I care about nurturing and developing my people.”  Really?  How many minutes were spent conceiving and executing a development plan for your team?

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