Give Up the Give Up

Lots of folks have created New Year’s Resolutions and goals for 2012.

Can you guess how many attempts, on average, people will make to keep their resolutions/achieve their goals before they give up?

What’s your guess?


Try ZERO!  None!  They won’t even try.

Sad but true.  Why is this?  Because people often set goals in areas where they are weak and they view themselves as incapable of success.

Here’s what I mean.  Take fitness, as an example.

We look at the people who are super fit and we envy them.  We want their bodies, their energy, and their health.  But they seem to love to work out.  They actually enjoy it.

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The Myth of the “Big” Change

Most of us have the innate sense that we could be more, do more, and have more.  So why aren’t we?  Why don’t we?

We see the people who have what we want in a certain area of life and we are in awe.  The person who is ultra-fit, or who has total financial freedom, or has a dynamic and disciplined spiritual life, or (insert your goal here) all seem light years from us.  And when thinking about reaching for those goals in our own lives, we never exit the starting blocks because we are convinced that being at the level of an ultra-achiever would require monumental change and a herculean effort.

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