The Power of Purpose

I wrote a few days ago about lessons that I learned when my mom was diagnosed with Leukemia. Of course, when I say I “learned” them, it’s not as if I didn’t have head knowledge of everything I said before her diagnosis. If you asked me, “Is life precious,” I would have answered, “of course!” I knew it. But did I appreciate it?

I said in that post that I would write some ways you can maximize your life. How to make the most of your time is a big topic, so I’m going to break this into several posts.

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3 Lessons From a Hospital Room

The day before Thanksgiving I got a call from my Mom. She went to the doctor for a nagging sore throat, and the doctor was sending her to the ER…for her heart. She said it was nothing. The doctor just didn’t like something he saw on the EKG. I drove over to see her. When I arrived, my mom told me that they had taken some blood and that they didn’t like her white blood cell count. It was too high. I’m thinking, “what does this have to do with her heart? Is she at risk of a heart attack?”

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Discover Your Purpose Part 4

These 2 exercises are going to start to bring real clarity to your purpose.  We’re getting closer to developing our purpose statement.

Watch Part 4 and start bringing your purpose into focus.

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Discover Your Purpose Part 3

Why are you here?  What are you meant to do?  How can you make sure that you live a life of meaning and significance?

Part 3 in our video series on discovering your life’s purpose will help you discover the answer to these questions.

You only get one life to live.  Make it count!

p.s. If you haven’t watched the first 2 videos, do that first.  Part 1 Part 2

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