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Building Your Business Through Social Media with Kyra Reed

Scott Ross interviews Kyra Reed: social media Pioneer and Co-Founder of Made to Order. Kyra shares invaluable insights into building your business through social media.

Kyra is offering our listeners $100 off her Self-Promotion Mastery Course and $1000 off her Power to Thrive Mastermind course.

To receive the $100 off the Self-Promotion Mastery, click the image below and use the Code: Ross818 at checkout.


To receive $1000 of the Power to Thrive Mastermind, click the image below and use the Code: Ross819 at checkout.

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Complete Guide to Twitter Mastery (and Why You Should Care)

Twitter is, in my opinion, the most powerful marketing tool ever created.  If you are an entrepreneur, author, speaker, sales professional, or just someone who wants to build a personal career brand, Twitter is a must.

There is so much information available in the blogosphere about social media that it’s easy to be overwhelmed and hard to know where to start.

I have compiled the best and most trustworthy overviews to get you from non-user to Twitter master.

First, some of you are wondering why you would want to use Twitter.  Aaron Lee (@AskAaronLee) has a great post summarizing the reasons.

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What The Facebook Decline Tells Us

In case you have not been paying attention, the meteoric rise of Facebook has hit a bump in the road.  According to this Los Angeles Times article, Facebook lost 6 million users in the United States in the month of May, and that is the second month in a row that the user base declined.  This trend is happening in Canada and Great Britain as well.

David Martin, in Forbes, dissects the issue and reports that experts believe the issue is simple: kids do not want to be “friends” with their parents.  They are bailing on Facebook because their parents and grandparents are now there, and the world of their peers is not separated enough for their liking.

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