8 Ways to Re-Energize for Peak Performance

Leadership Podcast Episode 101

8 Ways to Re-Energize Show Art

To perform at you best you need energy. Scott teaches 8 ways to energize yourself instantly.

Michael Hyatt‘s work on the power of taking naps can be found here.

Here’s a video on the science of taking naps.

Click here for the 12 best foods for more energy.

Here are some great books to re-energize you.

The One Thing

Do the Work

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Overcoming Adversity with Damien Horne

Leadership Podcast Episode 100

Damien Horne Show Art

Scott interviews Recording Artist, Actor, and Inspirational Speaker Damien Horne to learn how he went from homeless to famous, and making an impact in thousands of lives. Damien’s story and his mindset are sure to both inspire you and provide you with practical guidance on getting out of negative circumstances and into a place where you’re living out your purpose.

During this episode Damien mentioned one of my favorite books:

The Go-Giver

Click here to check out Damien and his music.

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Persistence & The Customer Experience with Matt Ruedlinger

Leadership Podcast Episode 99

Matt Ruedlinger Scott Ross Leadership Podcast Promo

In this episode, I interview Matt Ruedlinger. Matt is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience. He is the Founder and CEO of Triple R Marketing, owner of Joan’s Caramels, and the creator of the app Fanvious. Matt is passionate about the customer experience. We discuss lessons he’s learned on his journey that you can apply to all leadership and entrepreneurial situations.

We discuss sales expert Jeffrey Gitomer during the show. I’d recommend these two books by Jeffrey as the best place to start if you’re new to his material.

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