Leading Through Adversity

Leadership Podcast Episode 114

Leading through adversity is a skill that every leader has to master. Challenging circumstances, downturns in business, and unexpected change are all certainties at some point. Scott lays out a number of techniques and strategies for leading in difficult times. Be sure to listen to the end because the last lesson is the most impactful of all.

Here are resources Scott references in the episode:

Leadership Lesson on Defining Reality (This was the 3rd episode of the Scott Ross Leadership Podcast when it was a giant nationwide conference call. It’s fun looking back on how it all got started. Sorry for the sound quality. The information is still gold.)

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The Power of Purpose

Making Your Life Count Part 1

I wrote a few days ago about lessons that I learned when my mom was diagnosed with Leukemia. Of course, when I say I “learned” them, it’s not as if I didn’t have head knowledge of everything I said before her diagnosis. If you asked me, “Is life precious,” I would have answered, “of course!” I knew it. But did I appreciate it?

I said in that post that I would write some ways you can maximize your life. How to make the most of your time is a big topic, so I’m going to break this into several posts.

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Discipleship Essentials (IVP Connect, 2007)

I’ve been discipling Christians for nearly 25 years and during that time I’ve used a variety of resources. I teach the inductive study method and have used Precept Ministries resources extensively.

I’ve used many different books such as Spirit of the Disciplines, Celebration of Discipline, How to Study Your Bible, The Master Plan of Evangelism, The Topical Memory System, and Theology for the Community of God (among many others).

While all of these resources are wonderful, the most critical aspect of the discipleship process is equipping the disciple to, in turn, disciple someone else. If, as disciplers, we don’t achieve duplication, we have missed the point.

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