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Apologetics Part 1: Introduction to Apologetics

I have a local discipleship group that also broadcasts live on Facebook. These videos are not intended to be professionally done, so please forgive the raw nature. I am posting them in the hopes they will add value.


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Discipleship Podcast Episode 10 – The Gospel

Scott Ross teaches the essence of Christianity: The Gospel.

To get to the information on Evolution go here.

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Discipleship Podcast Episode 9

In this episode, Scott Ross lays out easy rules and steps to follow to accurately handle parables, allegory, and symbols in Scripture.

Scott is teaching through “How to Study Your Bible,” by Kay Arthur.  Here’s a link to get the book.

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Discipleship Podcast Episode 8

In this episode, we discuss how to accurately interpret figurative language in Scripture, and we read through a central passage in John and ask the most important question you will ever answer.

To get the most out of this study, grab these two resources:

How to Study Your Bible, by Kay Arthur

The God Who Cares And Knows You, by Kay Arthur

To join our Discipleship Facebook group, click here.

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