The Man Is Responsible

As many of you know, I had planned to start the video blog this week, but alas, I have come down with a severe case of the flu, and trust me, no one wants to see that.  The video blog will, thus, begin next week.

In the interim, I thought we would begin by taking a look at a fundamental concept of Biblical manhood and success in general.  When it comes to your life, your family, your legacy, your success, your finances, and everything else, the buck stops with you.  You are responsible!

There are two errors flourishing within the Body of Christ today.  The first is the adoption of a victim mentality, in which Christians rationalize away every consequence in their life as the fault of someone or something else.  “If my parents had…”  “If I hadn’t been laid off…”  “If the church would just…”  This error is not my topic for today, but is a significant issue that we will discuss in a future post.

The second error is the unwitting adoption of radical feminist worldview by both men and women in the church.  Our society has kowtowed to the feminist agenda to the point that even evangelical Christian men believe that they “share” responsibility for their family with their wife.  Moreover, anything related to children, such as their education, their extra-curricular activities, their friends, their eating habits, etc. are the purview of the wife with the husband just a secondary supporting actor.  This is the issue before us today.

Biblically speaking, parity between the responsibilities of the husband and wife is a myth.  At the end of the day, God holds one party responsible for the direction and well-being of the family.  One person is accountable to God for the results and outcomes of the family’s actions or inaction.  That person is the man.  The husband and father will stand before God and give account.  If the children become non-believers, it will not be the wife who answers.  If the family exists in a state of significant debt and there is no inheritance for the children when the parents pass, the wife won’t be asked why.  If the calling God had placed on the family goes ignored and the family squanders its “talents”, the wife won’t be the primary witness called to the stand.  In each case, God is going to hold the husband accountable.

If you are new to this blog and/or have never heard me teach, you may be quick to categorize me as some chauvinist reactionary; a relic of a less-enlightened age.  I get it.  However, you would be dramatically mistaken.  I am not saying that men are better than woman, have more worth than woman, or in any way should operate from a position of intrinsic superiority to women.  I’m saying that God has designed the world to be a place of order, and has established mechanisms to ensure harmony and peace.  One of those mechanisms is earthly governments.  Of all the forms of government established by God, the most fundamental is the family government.

Over the next few days, we are going to examine the Scriptural support for this premise in great detail.  I look forward to the dialogue.

Soli deo gloria