Creating Boundaries Part 1

Leadership Podcast Episode 105


Scott Ross teaches the importance of boundaries and how to establish them as a leader.

In this episode we highlighted this book:

Some other great books on this subject are:


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How to Overcome Fear and Shyness with Julie Broad

Leadership Podcast #104

Julie Broad Promo Art.001

Scott Ross interviews best-selling author and branding expert Julie Broad who shares how she overcame being an extreme introvert to have massive success in sales.

Go here for the Google Gameplan.

To connect with Julie, you can go to her website, or reach her on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Get Julie’s Book:

We also talked about this book in the show:

Here’s a link to my Podcast series called “Everyone Can Sell.

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Becoming a Referral Magnet with Michael Maher

Leadership Podcast Episode 103

Michael Maher Show Art.001

Scott interviews Bestselling Author and Referral Guru Michael Maher. Michael created a 7-Figure income in just 3 years using his referral strategy and he explains it to you free on this podcast.

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We also referred to these two books during the show:


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To learn about the Refer CRM solution Michael referred to, go here:

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Essentialism (Crown Business, 2014)

This book is life changing. I can’t recommend it enough.

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