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Inspiring High Performance Part 2

Scott Ross gives 4 more strategies for inspiring high performance in your people.

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What Do Roy Moore & OJ Simpson Teach Us About Ourselves?

DISCLAIMER: This is not a political commentary and has nothing to do with the politics of the examples cited. This post is a lesson in human nature and the implications for those of us who aspire to lead large numbers of people toward a common goal.

One of the most troubling phenomena of the modern world is the degree to which people seem to be divided. What is truly disturbing about this circumstance is that people don’t see the other side as just wrong. They see them as evil. Around a bevy of issues, one side will see the answer to a question as obvious and can’t understand how anyone could arrive at a different conclusion. Since no explanation for a different opinion makes sense on the surface, it is assumed that the other side must be not just incorrect, but nefarious. There is a broad and profound leadership lesson for us to learn in this. This isn’t about politics or religion. This is about human nature. If we will take the time to understand what is at the root of what we’re seeing we’ll be better equipped to lead all types of people.

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Inspiring High Performance Part 1

Perhaps the number one leadership question I’m asked is, “how do I get my team to perform better?” Isn’t that what every leader wants? This is a very common leadership challenge. In this episode of the Scott Ross Leadership Podcast, I lay out the steps for inspiring and achieving high performance in your people.

In the episode I allude to the following resources:


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Maintaining Personal Effectiveness

In Part 1 of Common Leadership Challenges, Scott Ross talks about the challenge of developing and maintaining personal effectiveness.


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