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9 Tools Every Achiever Must Have

You have a lot on your plate. How can you get the most results with the least amount of time and effort?

I run 3 successful businesses, host two podcasts, run a men’s ministry, homeschool my children, and still devote time to my wife and children as well as travel significantly each year. How do I get it all done?

I use a series of tools. Without these tools, there would be no way! I consider each of these tools priceless. I can’t imagine operating without them. I’m letting you behind the curtain and revealing some of my secret sauce.

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Change Your Standards | Change Your Life

Your life is defined by your standards. If you change your standards you will change your life.

In episode 116 of the Scott Ross Leadership Podcast, Scott explains how to go about changing your standards, with two cautions at the end.

One way to raise your standards is by joining our Influence Mastermind starting in January. Early bird pricing is available until January 1.

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Surefire Ways to Offend a Leader

If you want to be sure and have a leader stop taking your calls, these are some of the best techniques.

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Leading Through Adversity

Leading through adversity is a skill that every leader has to master. Challenging circumstances, downturns in business, and unexpected change are all certainties at some point. Scott lays out a number of techniques and strategies for leading in difficult times. Be sure to listen to the end because the last lesson is the most impactful of all.

Here are resources Scott references in the episode:

Leadership Lesson on Defining Reality (This was the 3rd episode of the Scott Ross Leadership Podcast when it was a giant nationwide conference call. It’s fun looking back on how it all got started. Sorry for the sound quality. The information is still gold.)

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