Inspiring High Performance Part 1

Leadership Podcast Episode 112

Perhaps the number one leadership question I’m asked is, “how do I get my team to perform better?” Isn’t that what every leader wants? This is a very common leadership challenge. In this episode of the Scott Ross Leadership Podcast, I lay out the steps for inspiring and achieving high performance in your people.

In the episode I allude to the following resources:


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Maintaining Personal Effectiveness

Leadership Podcast Episode 111

In Part 1 of Common Leadership Challenges, Scott Ross talks about the challenge of developing and maintaining personal effectiveness.


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Hope Zvara – Overcoming Eating Disorders & Tragedy

Leadership Podcast Episode 110

In this episode, Scott interviews coach, speaker, and yoga guru Hope Zvara about overcoming a major eating disorder and tragedy. The lessons apply to all of us.

To connect with Hope check out her website.

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She is offering listeners of the Scott Ross Leadership Podcast a free course called Clearing Mental Clutter.

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Rules For Effective Leadership

Leadership Podcast Episode 109

Here is the book that I mention in the podcast:

This is another book that looks at the same subject from a different angle that I also recommend.

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