8 Ways to Re-Energize for Peak Performance

Leadership Podcast Episode 101

To perform at you best you need energy. In this podcast Scott Ross teaches 8 ways to energize yourself instantly for peak performance.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Michael Hyatt‘s work on the power of taking naps can be found here.

Here’s a video on the science of taking naps.

Click here for the 12 best foods for more energy.

Here are some great books to re-energize you.

The One Thing

Do the Work

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  • Victor Boelscher

    Great podcast! Now to schedule my naps.

    • Thanks! I don’t know if you realized it but you said a very powerful thing. You said “schedule” my naps. Successful people schedule time for themselves just like they would schedule any other meeting. And they don’t let anything intrude on that. As I’ve said before, “your calendar is your boss.”

  • Linda

    Now i don’t feel guilty about that nap i just had!! Good timing!…Great timing!!

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