A Need For Clarity

“Then David gave Solomon his son the plan of the vestibule of the temple, and of its houses, its treasuries, its upper rooms, and its inner chambers, and of the room for the mercy seat; 12 and the plan of all that he had in mind…”  (1 Chronicles 28:11-12)

David made many mistakes that can serve as guideposts for the multi-generational visionary, but he also did a number of things right.  Among his successes was actually having a multi-generational vision that was precisely defined.

Men today are moving though life directed by the whims of circumstance.  When it comes to their legacy and the generations to come, if they have a vision (which is rare) it is fuzzy and nebulous.

David “gave Solomon…the plan….and ALL he had in mind.”  We must invest the time to bring clarity to our vision.  We must spend hours clearly defining the vision and garnishing it with great detail.  We need a written description of our vision with all its features and objectives.  We need to be able to answer questions about our vision.  We need to be able to hand the vision to those we trust who can give us feedback and counsel, and ultimately we need to be able to hand that vision to our children and grandchildren who will continue to execute after we are gone.

We are to do all we do to the glory of God.  (1 Cor 10:31) God is a planner.  We should be too.  Invest the time to put your vision in writing and continue clarifying for the rest of your life.

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