Confusion is Good

One of the biggest inhibitors to success is the belief that you must have all the answers, and know “how” everything is going to work, BEFORE you begin.

Most people do everything they can to avoid confusion and the disorientation of not knowing the right answer. Most people FEAR the unknown or looking stupid.

Write this down! Unless you are willing to NOT know and to become confused you will never become what you want to become.

The Wright Brothers didn’t have a pilot’s license. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did not have computer science degrees. Mark Zuckerberg did not attend a social media workshop.

Confusion is good. Why? Because confusion is necessary for growth. Let’s consider for a moment how we go to the next level.

Learning is taking an unknown and linking it to a known. As children, we were constantly, “connecting the dots.”

Confusion is the first step to awareness. Confusion is the brain asking, “What does this mean?” It sets the brain in motion to connect the unknown with a known. The moment you reach a state of confusion, you should celebrate! Why? Because you are about to learn something.

We are either growing or we are dying. If you’re green you’re growing. If you’re ripe, you’re rotting. When you learn, you are growing. And the first step in learning is confusion.

Successful people “suspend the how.” They suspend the need to know how everything is going to work before they begin. If you can’t suspend the how and want to have all the answers before you embark, you will never begin.

When I coach leaders and businesses I have a saying that I repeat frequently: “Do it afraid.”

You want to see your personal or business results go to an astounding level? Make that your mantra! Embrace confusion, and start “doing it afraid.”

You will be blown away with the results.

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