Enough Talk

Most of us are really good talkers.  Even the majority of us who are afraid to speak in front of a room are masters of the talk inside our heads.

We talk about what we’re going to do.  We talk about how we’re going to do it.  We talk about how great it will be once it’s done.

We talk about why we haven’t started, and then why we haven’t finished.  We talk about why we’re quitting and then we talk about how it’s not really quitting.

We talk about all the stuff holding us back that is someone or something else’s fault.

We talk our way into situations and we talk our way out of situations.

Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.

How about we cut all the talk and just get down to “Do.”

Let’s be people of action.  Let’s let the results of our action and our discipline speak for themselves.

Let’s have our victories and our accomplishments and the massive impact we have on the world be the loudest bullhorn we could imagine.

Here’s our challenge for today: Let’s say as little as possible, even to ourselves, and let’s do more in a day than we have in years.

Let’s measure every day by one standard: what got done!

When you find yourself about to speak, ask yourself, “what could I do that would speak much louder?”

“I’m going to get fit this next year.  This is the year!”  Really?  How ’bout just getting on the floor and knocking out 20 push-ups right then and there?

“I’m going to step up and be the leader I know I can be.”  I see better than I hear, so wash someone’s feet.

“I’m going to make more sales this month.”  Blah blah blah.  No one’s going to call you and ask to buy.  Pick up the phone and go see prospects!  I dare you!

Today you have one measuring stick.  It’s not how good you appeared.  It’s what you got done!

You’re now the master of doing.  Let the 98% talk and talk and talk.  You’re a champion, and champions are people of action.

Get ‘r done!

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