From Purpose to Prosperity

I was speaking with a dear friend about the need to operate from a position of faith in order to have the success that they desire.  It lead me to think that it would make a good column for ScottRossOnline.  However, as I was putting the thoughts together, it became obvious that a lot of foundation needs to be laid in order to fully appreciate and maximize the principle.  Therefore, I am starting a multi-part series that will begin with an understanding of purpose and end with a life of abundance.

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Part 1 will be posted shortly but in the interim, let’s get a little discussion going.  Please read Psalm 1.  And then answer this in the comments section below:  Do you have one single goal in life that consumes you; something that has become the primary force that stimulates and motivates you daily in everything that you do? Or do you feel like someone in a canoe being propelled along a raging river whose objective seems to change with the hazards around each bend as you try to navigate white water rapids, logs, and rocks?

Leave your thoughts.

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