Give Up the Give Up

Lots of folks have created New Year’s Resolutions and goals for 2012.

Can you guess how many attempts, on average, people will make to keep their resolutions/achieve their goals before they give up?

What’s your guess?


Try ZERO!  None!  They won’t even try.

Sad but true.  Why is this?  Because people often set goals in areas where they are weak and they view themselves as incapable of success.

Here’s what I mean.  Take fitness, as an example.

We look at the people who are super fit and we envy them.  We want their bodies, their energy, and their health.  But they seem to love to work out.  They actually enjoy it.

We think to ourselves, “I can’t stand working out.”  So we conclude, “I’m just not like that.  So I can’t ever be like them.  Stinks.  But, oh well.”  And we give up… before we ever start.

Give Up the Give Up

Today I want you to give up the give up!

In that area where you’ve convinced yourself, “I’m just not that kind of person,” I want you to try a new thought pattern.  I want to add two little phrases to your arsenal: “I want to…” and “I’m going to cultivate a….”

For instance, in the fitness example above, instead of saying, “I’m not like that,” we will begin to say “I want to love working out.  I’m going to cultivate a love for working out.”

This can work with anything.  If you’re in sales and you are held back by your fear of prospecting, you can use this technique.  You see the woman who is always the top performer in your division, and she’s a prospecting machine.  You are currently not a prospecting machine.  To the contrary, you cringe at the idea.  Instead of thinking, “I’m not like her.  I can’t ever do that.  I guess I’ll just have to be happy with being an average performer,” we’re going to start a new thought pattern.  “I want to be a great prospector.  I’m going to develop a love for prospecting.”

Now you have opened yourself up to the possibility that prospecting could become a strength, and crazier still, fun.  With that openness and possibility mindset you can move toward your goal, focused on incremental change, always meditating on your desire to be good in that area.  This prevents you from giving up before you even get out of the starting blocks.  This gives you permission to not be good immediately, but grow in it over time.  This embraces the notion that you can be good at anything if you are willing to pursue it.

Give up the give up!

“I want to…”

“I’m going to cultivate a…”

Change your thought pattern and change your life!

What thought pattern are you going to change starting today? Share with the community in the comments section and let us celebrate with you and support you!

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