Intentions Are Meaningless

In our life, there is only one thing that matters: what we DO.

Intentions are meaningless.

Actions count.

Would you like to REALLY know what your priorities are?  Track what you do on a typical day in 15 minute increments.  There’s your answer.

“I love my family.  They’re my highest priority.”  Really?  How many total minutes were invested in those relationships?

“I care about nurturing and developing my people.”  Really?  How many minutes were spent conceiving and executing a development plan for your team?

“I am going to find a way to get out of this dead-end job and live my dream.”  Really?  How many minutes were invested in making your dream a reality instead of just “dreaming” about it?

In John 21, Jesus is speaking to his apostle Peter.  He asks Peter, “Do you love me.”  Peter replies, “You know I do.”  Jesus then says, “Feed my sheep.”

Intention or feeling without action has no meaning.

Action demonstrates intention.  James 1:23-25 and 2:14-17 make it clear that we must be DOers.  Without action, our stated beliefs, goals, and intentions are DEAD.

ACTION STEP FOR TODAY:  Write down what you do on a typical day in 15 minute increments.  Add up the minutes spent on different categories.  Stand back and observe.  Does what you say is important match up with what you do?  Is there congruence and alignment between your stated priorities and your actions?

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