Movie Review: Hell or High Water

Last night I saw the pre-release of the movie “Hell or High Water.” Taking place in West Texas in current times, the film is perhaps described best as a modern-day western. The story revolves around two brothers played by Chris Pine (of Star Trek fame), and Ben Foster who rob a bank (for reasons that are made clear as the film unfolds). Jeff Bridges brilliantly plays the Texas Ranger who has to track them down.

Here’s the Trailer:

The film, written by Taylor Sheridan who also wrote Sicario and Sons of Anarchy, is crafted flawlessly.  Pacing, plot, character development, cinematography, and all the directorial choices are spot on. It’s currently 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it deserves to be. Perhaps above all, it is quintessential West Texas! Everyone who likes drama will love it, but Texans will have a special appreciation for many of the references, the dialogue, and the subtle props and set pieces.  Oh, and I almost forgot, the soundtrack is pitch perfect. (The use of Blackwall’s cover of Dylan’s Knockin on Heaven’s Door is almost worth the price of admission by itself.)

In an age where Hollywood seems to think that the film-equivalent of Lucky Charms topped with Skittles is what America wants (I’m looking at you Suicide Squad) this film refreshingly reminds us that great storytelling with writing, performances, and choices that create authenticity are what makes going to the movies worth the $12.


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