My Take on the Election

To all of you who are clearly passionate about the outcome of the election, the test of your convictions begins today.  We live in a universe governed by inviolable laws, one of which is the law of reciprocity.  It states that we reap what we sow.

We are reaping what we have sown in the education of our citizenry and the standards that we deem acceptable as a society.  If you think any person who becomes President is the problem, you clearly don’t understand the system.  Presidents don’t take power.  They are elected.  Anyone in any public office is simply a mirror reflection of the society that chose to follow them.

If you believe the outcome of this election is not in the best interest of our nation, your test starts now.  Not in four years.  This moment.  What will you do to educate yourself on the principles of government that have been demonstrated to bring peace, prosperity, and liberty to the most people over the course of history versus those theories of government that have lead to conflict, financial hardship, and oppression.  What will you do to begin influencing your fellow citizens and winning hearts and minds to your position?

Use your energy to produce light, not heat.  Post your ideas below and let’s brainstorm together.  I am excited to see what brilliant ideas you come up with to begin doing your part to take our nation higher and see our potential as the greatest people on earth fulfilled.

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  • Alpaca_Dean

    Really really hard right now to try and be positive… really hard to do that right now.. in time maybe.. but not now..

  • Sheilaross

    We the people, must look ourselves in the mirror and say, WE are responsible.

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  • Tammy Smith

    I have faith that God still holds the reins even as we make good and bad choices.  I think first we must look at ourselves and realize what we are sharing with the world.  I heard my son say something yesterday that made me realize that although I was passionate about who I voted for I was giving my son the wrong message about people who voted for the other side.  No matter which canidate won… we have a president who was voted by choice.  A president who needs pray for wisdom and guidance.  If all of us prayed daily for the men and women who run this country perhaps wiser choices would be made.  Perhaps when all of us join forces in such a way we can have an even greater impact on the outcome of this country than our vote did.

  • SteveGlasker

    Although I agree with Alpaca_Dean and am EXTREMELY disappointed in the outcome of this election, it has had a very positive impact on my mindset. God is in control and time is not on our side. I no longer have a desire to waste time because I understand the debilitating effects of an intrusive government. Slavery may be illegal but bondage is not. Governments succeed at putting their citizens in more and more bondage everyday. But the good news is Harriet Tubman is not dead. She lives in all of us! WE, the lovers of Liberty, are the new keepers of the Underground Railroad and it is now OUR time to set people on the path to FREEDOM! We have a vehicle that allows us to make that happen! It is long past time that we use it for that purpose!!