Reading Roundup Vol 2


In this week’s round-up, we have great stuff on keeping first things first, what may be in store for Apple, and a fascinating talk on a cool innovation in the way we do surgery.

10 Truths for Gospel Centered Living – Great stuff, and it’s awesome that Mark doesn’t let his reformed theology get in the way of his practical arminianism.

5 Predictions for Apple in 2012 – A look into the crystal ball as it relates to our favorite technology company.

Color-Coded Surgery – It’s like paint by numbers but with more blood.

Top 5 Social Media Tools of 2011 – This is the year that Social Media really stepped into the mainstream of business practice.  If you’re struggling with how to maximize social media, these are tools that you need to at a minimum be familiar with.

The Need to Be Grounded… – A great article on the concept of “home.”

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