Scott Answers “The Question”

Whenever I speak around the country, I will almost always have someone waiting afterward to pull me aside and ask me “the question.”  Once I get home, I’ll get two or three others who ask “the question” via facebook or email. They all word “the question” a little differently and many times they’ll throw in some color regarding their specific circumstances, but essentially it’s the same.  “The question” in a nutshell, goes like this: “is it wrong/immoral/unbiblical for me to try to become wealthy?” “How do you deal with the conflict of being a Christian and trying to become wealthy?”

Have you ever wondered if it is wrong of you to want to build a business, or build wealth?  Have you ever felt like there is a conflict between being a Christian and being an entrepreneur?

Here’s an archived recording of my old radio show that addresses the issue.

Do you struggle with this issue?

Why do you think so many Christians see this as a conflict?

After listening, I’d love your thoughts.  Put your comments, questions, and thoughts in the comment section below and let’s get the dialogue going.

The audio file for this post has been corrupted. We are working to restore it. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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