The Power of Purpose

I wrote a few days ago about lessons that I learned when my mom was diagnosed with Leukemia. Of course, when I say I “learned” them, it’s not as if I didn’t have head knowledge of everything I said before her diagnosis. If you asked me, “Is life precious,” I would have answered, “of course!” I knew it. But did I appreciate it?

I said in that post that I would write some ways you can maximize your life. How to make the most of your time is a big topic, so I’m going to break this into several posts.

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Fatherhood: Assignment of the Day


Dads – Here’s your assignment for the day.  Go to your kids individually and ask them, “What’s your dream?”  Listen and don’t interrupt.  When they stop talking say, “tell me more.”  When they’re done, say, “I love it!”

Bonus: Ask, “What’s the one thing I could do to help you make that happen?”

PS. Zero critical comments are allowed.  Don’t try to help them be “realistic” or change their focus.

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Fatherhood: Assignment of the Day

Can Christian Fathers Baptize Their Own Children?

One question that comes up from time to time among Christian fathers is whether they Biblically have the right to baptize their children.  This actually raises a much bigger issue that must be addressed first that will make the answer to the question obvious.

It is deeply ingrained into our modern psyche that there is a gap between vocational ministry and “lay” people.  We have been conditioned to believe that there are “professionals” who have been given some sort of 3rd party credentials that make them “qualified” to be paid to do ministry as a full time career.  And then there is everyone else.

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