The 5 Regrets of the Dying: Part 5

In the past week we’ve covered 4 of the biggest regrets of the dying.

If you missed them here’s part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

Today we reach the last, and maybe the biggest.

The fifth regret is that they gave up too easily.

That marriage was worth saving.  It could have been saved.  But…

I know I could have made that business work.  But…

The girl of my dreams turned me down the first time, and I should have tried again.  But…

I got turned down on my book proposal/funding request/job interview, and should have been more persistent.  But…

The ones who live big, and really get what they want are the ones who refuse to be denied.  They’re the ones who remain undaunted in the face of rejection, obstacles, difficulties, and conventional wisdom.

At the end of life, you really feel the weight of not giving it another try.  You recognize the foolishness and shortsightedness of letting the excuses and rationalizations carry the day.

What are you quitting on?  What have you given up on already?

Go back.

Try again.  And then try again.  And again.

Whatever happens, don’t let yourself get to the end and wonder, “what if?”  What if that NEXT try was the one that broke the dam.  What if you were inches from gold, and one more swing of the pick would have hit the mother lode?

Refuse to go quietly into that good night!

You CAN repair that relationship.

That business can succeed!

Your book can get published.

She’ll go out with you if you’re persistent.

They’ll give you the job if you refuse to go away.

Let’s live lives that leave no room for regret!

Leave a comment below with an area where you’re going to refuse to give in!  Let our community of champions cheer you on!

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