7 Reasons You’re Stuck – Part 2

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Yesterday we explored the first two reasons you’re stuck in a rut.  In case you missed it, here’s Part 1.

Today we continue with two more.

3.  Hoping others would help but they didn’t.

Some of you have taken action and actually moved in the direction of your dream.  But shortly after your journey began you found yourself at a standstill.  This is a frustrating place to be, because you are just as “stuck” as you were before, but with the added feeling of failure and helplessness at what to do next.

In many cases, the cause of your rut is that you were counting on other people who ended up not participating, or promising participation and then letting you down.

This is a classic mistake.  We’re really pursuing the goal because we’ve convinced ourselves it will be easy.  “I can have a successful web business because my friend promised to build my website for me.”  “I can kill this network marketing business because I know 5 friends that will sign up instantly.”  “My grand-dad will for sure give me a loan.”

When the initial “sure thing” of support goes away, the journey, in our mind, goes from easy to hard and we’re ready to give up.

people will let you down

If the goal is worth achieving, it doesn’t matter who comes with you.  We don’t pursue goals because they look easy to achieve.  We pursue goals because doing so will mean we are living our purpose and maximizing our potential.  That is success.

Your grand-dad shot you down?  Write a business plan and go shop it.  Your best bro bailed on the website?  Go hire a designer who reports to you and has a financial incentive to deliver.  Your 5 buddies all laughed at your network marketing business?  Awesome!  They get to watch your life on Facebook as you become totally free without them!

But Scott, no one will give me a loan.  My grand-dad was my only hope.  But Scott, I don’t have any money.  If my buddy doesn’t build it for free, I can’t do it.  But Scott, those were the only 5 people I know!  If they say no, I have no shot.

Lies!  Lies!  Lies!!!

These are the tapes we play that prevent us from winning.

If your idea is good and has market viability, then someone will fund it.  It may take a lot more work than you planned but the money is out there!  Investors are dying for decent places to put their money to work.

You can raise the money for a website.  And what about going to your local community college and finding students who want to work in web design for a living and need work for their portfolios?  They’ll work for cheap!

You know WAY more than 5 people and if you’re going to be a professional network marketer you need to develop the skill of “networking.”  So let’s get started!

When your  peeps let you down you are faced with a simple question: are you going to join them?  Because that’s exactly what is happening.  You’re quitting on yourself.  You’re letting yourself down just like they have.

Make a decision to go for your goals and be in a relentless pursuit of yes.  Look for like-minded people who get excited about your vision and ignore those who don’t.

Where there is a will there is a way.

You cannot succeed without people, but your success is not dependent on any one person or group of people in particular.

You are the captain of this ship, so let’s get out there and make it happen.

4.  Feeling incompetent.

Lost and Confused SignpostLot’s of people know what they want but they have no idea what to do about it.  And so they just sit.  “I’d like to be a film maker, but I don’t know how.”  So there stay for the rest of their life.

I don’t want to offend anyone but this is simply mental laziness.  What we need to do is ask powerful questions.

Where can I learn about my desired goal?

Who do I know that may be able to direct me?

What have other people done that have become successful?

Let’s take my example of wanting to be a filmmaker.

Where could you learn about that?

The public library and Amazon.com are sure to be stocked to the gills with books on the subject.  Have you googled, “Becoming a Film Maker?”  Youtube is quickly become the repository for all knowledge in the world.  The answer to almost every how-to question can be found there.

Who do I know?

Do you know anyone that has ever been involved in any kind of film production?  Making a commercial?  Filming a video for their church?  Posting a video of their vacation to YouTube?

What have other people done?

Make list of successful film makers and read their bios.  This is a cause and effect universe.  Repeat a cause and you get the effect.  Where did those people get their education and their start?

Of course I just used the dream of being a film maker as an example.  For anything you want to do, as the powerful questions of “where could I learn,” “who do I know,” and “what have others done?”  The answers to those questions will always give you an actionable place to get started.  Boom – you’re out of the rut and moving.

We may start ignorant but there is no excuse for staying that way.  Ask powerful questions and pursue the answers with gusto.

Post your comments and then head to the next 2 reasons you’re stuck.

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