7 Reasons You’re Stuck – Part 3

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This is part 3 in our 4 part series, “7 Reasons You’re Stuck.”

In the past two days we’ve examined 4 common reasons people get in a rut.

Reasons 5 & 6 are deeply ingrained in many of us.  Let’s take a look.

5.  Belief that things will eventually improve, on their own.

You’re relationship isn’t what you want.  Your finances aren’t what you want.  Your career isn’t what you want.

But you dream of the day that your “ship will come in.”  This is what 99% of the human race is doing..sitting idle in the hopes that some unforeseen stroke of luck will change their fate.

Here’s the reality: it’s never going to happen.

We reap what we sew.  If we are not sewing then have no hopes of reaping.  It’s that simple.

Before I dive into that idea though, let’s just say that there is some “lottery” day in your future when things magically turn around.  Why would you wait?  Aren’t you worth more?  Don’t you deserve better?  Wouldn’t it feel great to be the ACTIVE mechanism in your destiny rather than sitting passively like a ping-pong ball on the ocean taking whatever gets thrown at you?

The most empowering and life-changing day of your life will be the moment that you realize you are completely in control of your future and everything you have or don’t have is completely up to you.

It’s time to stop waiting around for something that is never going to happen and “take the bull by the horns.”


Here’s your daily affirmation.  For 21 days in a row say this 3 times when you get out of bed and 3 times before you go to bed.

“I create my life!  My choices create my reality!  I am responsible for everything in my life!”

6.  Fear of losing what you currently have

One of the best movies ever was Cast Away starring Tom Hanks.  In the movie Hanks’ character, Tom Noland, is in a plane crash that leaves him stranded on an unknown island in the middle of nowhere.  The critical moment in the plot is when he has to decide whether to leave the island in hopes of getting home, or remain stranded.  If he heads out to sea, he could die.  But what kind of life is it to be stranded on an island?

DontLetLifePassYouByThis is the decision that many people feel they face in the pursuit of their dreams.  They aren’t happy where they are, but the one thing they have is “security.”

This was the mindset of the third servant in Jesus’ parable of the talents.  While the servant who was given 5 talents and the servant who was given 3 talents each decided to risk their talents in order to multiply them, the third servant, not wanting to LOSE his master’s talent, buried it for safe keeping.

This third servant was later reprimanded severely and labeled “wicked” and “slothful.”   He was cast into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The lesson is clear.  To not take any risks is to risk everything!

“Security,” in the sense that most people mean, is an illusion.  People are laid off from “good jobs.”  Their pensions and 401K plans dissolve on the whim of a market they can’t control.  A thief can take your possessions.  A home can be destroyed by a flood.

When most people discuss “security” they really mean the faux-security of fitting in because you’ve made conventional choices.

All that means is that when everything goes wrong you’ll have plenty of company in your misery.

Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

There is only two levels of real security.  One is the eternal kind, and this is most important.  When we know whose we are and we have certainty of our eternal destiny we can live with courage, hope, and undaunted optimism because we know that in the end, we will abide in a place beyond our wildest expectations.

The other kind is the only security we can have in this life.

You cannot find security in what you have.  Not in your spouse, your job, your financial standing.  Your security is found, not in what you have, but who you are.

Yoda Fear of LossYou should become secure in your mindset, your skills, your attitude, and your abilities.  You can’t predict the job market, but you can predict whether you will be someone of ever-increasing skills who will be able to provide value to the market under any circumstances.  You can’t predict whether your income will remain steady, but you can predict that you will be the wise person who builds multiple streams of income.  You can’t predict if a thief is going to break in and steal your possessions but you can predict if you will be prepared to face him at the door or whether you will have the where-with-all to replace them quickly.

You can’t stay on the island.  Living stranded is not living.  Just because something is known doesn’t mean it is safe.

Embark on a path toward becoming the person who you can trust with your future, whatever the circumstance.  That is true security.

Next, we’ll conclude with the 7th reason people get stuck.  It’s the 7th, but it might be the biggest.  Leave your comments and then head to #7.

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