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World Book Day 2016

Don’t Focus On Your Goals

How to Have the Best Year Ever


Most people fail to achieve their goals because the very process they use ensures failure.  In this podcast learn to go from goal setting to goal achieving!

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The 5 Essential Ingredients of Massive Success

Lots of people think success is a mystery.  They think of it more as art than science.  They convince themselves that it is for the rare genius or the lucky.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Massive success is not easy to achieve, but it is simple.  There is a recipe.  Whenever someone has the guts to put all the ingredients in and stir it up, they get the result.

If Massive Success were a cake, it would always contain at least five elements.

There are many flavors of “Success Cake,” with unique ingredients added beyond the basic 5.  But much like the fact that Chocolate Cake, Angel Food Cake, and Pound Cake, though different, all contain milk, eggs, and flour, so too every success cake has five central ingredients in common.

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