The 5 Regrets of the Dying: Part 4

In the last 3 posts we’ve talked about the 3 biggest regrets of the dying in order to avoid having those regrets in our life.  Those three were living based on the expectations of others, working too much, and not appreciating what you have.

We now move to Regret #4, and this next one is a biggie.  It’s also the one that for most people will be the most difficult to avoid.  Because this is the one that will require the most courage and selflessness.

Here it is.

People regret clinging to offenses and not finding forgiveness.

At the end of your life, when clarity and perspective are both keenest, those things that were such big issues just don’t seem to matter any more.

He didn’t call on Christmas.

She insulted me in front of my friends.

He broke my favorite____________.

Friends are precious things.  Good ones are more rare than any jewel.

Family is precious.  When all have abandoned you, family will be there.

To throw these things away because of an offense is a tragedy.

The issue is pride.  We want to be right.  We want to be compensated.  We want them to move first.

After all, it was them that offended us!

But what profit is there in bitterness?  It only robs us of joy and peace and in the end, fills us with regret.

Be the bigger person.  Be the first mover.

The first to apologize is the bravest.  The first to forgive is the strongest.  And the first to forget is the happiest.[shareable cite=”Scott Ross”]The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. And the first to forget is the happiest.[/shareable]

What relationship have you allowed to die because of something that in the grand scheme is trivial?

Resolve today to reach out to them.  Do your best to patch it up.  Don’t cling to the need for an apology.  Don’t go in to grind your axe.  Just forget it!  Let it go!  And start over.

It won’t be long before you’re laughing again and thinking to yourself, “Man I’ve missed this!  How come it took me so long?”

If you’re brave enough, leave a comment below with a relationship you’re going to repair.  Then come back in a few days and share with us how it’s going.  We’ll cheer each other on!

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